projector bulbs

We supply projector lamps for every make and model of projector available.

We only deal in projector lamps that are genuine and provide original product performance, we do not sell copy or branded projector lamp alternatives that under perform and compromise your equipment.

We only sell lamps that perform to the projector manufacturers' original specification. We do not sell copy lamps, branded or otherwise, that lowers the projectors' performance level and risks your health and safety.

Where available, we offer these lamp options:

Original Manufacturers Lamp

As supplied by the original projector manufacturer, this lamp typically uses a bulb supplied to them by one of the major bulb manufacturers, Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki or Matsushita.

Diamond Lamps

Using the same bulb as supplied to the 'original manufacturer' above, a Diamond Lamp is a lower cost alternative that does not compromise quality. Complete with a new chassis, this lamp gives identical performance to the Original Manufacturers Lamp with an unprecedented 4 month warranty.

Delivery is next day (subject to stock availability and processed payment).

SERVICE TIP - Projector Maintenance

To get maximum life from you replacement bulb we recommend your projector is serviced at the same time. This is due to normal accumulation of dust and dirt which results in increased build up of heat. This increased heat and lack of adequate ventilation reduces the life of the bulb.

We offer a projector service at a reduced price when you purchase a bulb from us.
Call us at 091 778000 for details.

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